Dexedrine Delight

Well this is uneventful.  And that's a good thing. Two weeks on Dexedrine and nothing weird. This is a post about ADHD and Dexedrine.  I promise.  But first, of course, I have something else to say, because it's also about depression.  And somehow, I hear, they fit together.  So here's the beginning: So I've been … Continue reading Dexedrine Delight

How to Draw Platypi With a Van

Rituals!  Rites of Passage! These rituals have a beginning, a middle and an end  (Thanks Victor Turner - my old favourite mad anthropologist)! Maybe my Phoenix will find a flight path in remembering rituals! When I turned sixteen, long before I knew what a Phoenix was, one of my brothers took me for a drive … Continue reading How to Draw Platypi With a Van

Anger Management Tip #1: It’s Bad To Get Shanked at Walgreens

Emotional infant. From all the Frazier episodes I laughed through, that is my favourite phrase. Frazier - grand master of all emotional infants - used this once as a his own brand of expletive, and I've kept it in my back pocket ever since.  I pull it out and silently tack it onto others, sit … Continue reading Anger Management Tip #1: It’s Bad To Get Shanked at Walgreens

“Recoveries”… of a different sort

The public library is out to get me.  Really.  I have, to add to a growing collection (no pun intended) of similar documents, a letter from a "recovery" agency - this time working on behalf of our public library - to get me to pay $65.27 in late fines.  I have reached a new moral … Continue reading “Recoveries”… of a different sort

Collaborate, dammit!

Today's oxymoron is.... Collaborative Divorce. Sounds like a made-up term, doesn't it?  Sounds like a joke.  Not a bad joke.  A really, really funny one.  To me.  Now. Almost two years ago, it sounded wonderful.  Why hadn't I heard of this?  Think of it. Two people get married, have kids, build a life (sort of... … Continue reading Collaborate, dammit!

The Middle Part

I will tell you my stories. They are not the kind of stories I particularly want to have showing up on the first line of the first page of my Google results page. They do show up there, and they are real. But although I will see what I can do to fix that bad … Continue reading The Middle Part