If a Heart Breaks Online, Does Anybody Care?

No one drops by to make you a cup of tea when you lose your imaginary boyfriend.

QUIZ: Are you a BUM?

So, a lot has happened since my last post. For one thing, I am befuddled by the formatting on WordPress. I give up trying to fix my numbered list, below. You'll figure it out. Also paragraph spacing is a work in progress. ANYWAY Now that I'm a single woman, a friend and I were talking … Continue reading QUIZ: Are you a BUM?

Cliche walking. Well, sitting, actually.

Friday night. Forty seven year old single mom sitting at the bar drinking wheat beer. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking it's about time I blogged again, right? I used to wake up with fully formed ideas in mind. Middle of the night - you name it. I'd jump up and run to my … Continue reading Cliche walking. Well, sitting, actually.

How to Draw Platypi With a Van

Rituals!  Rites of Passage! These rituals have a beginning, a middle and an end  (Thanks Victor Turner - my old favourite mad anthropologist)! Maybe my Phoenix will find a flight path in remembering rituals! When I turned sixteen, long before I knew what a Phoenix was, one of my brothers took me for a drive … Continue reading How to Draw Platypi With a Van