Too Fat for Old Navy

I'm too fat for Old Navy. I thought I was okay. I can go to Old Navy and try on a top, and sometimes it's too big. Sun dresses? Nice price. Pretty, and they fit. Jeans? I live in them. Shorts? Now hang on, just a minute! Apparently, that's stepping over the line. Shorts on … Continue reading Too Fat for Old Navy


Living between titles: Phoenix waiting

Fire to ashes, waiting to rise.  Call it, "Phoenix Waiting". Here's a draft of a post I was going to publish early in May, after being served with a "Statement of Claim" from my soon to be Ex. I did what it seemed I had to do. I got a bottle of red wine and … Continue reading Living between titles: Phoenix waiting

A voice for my voice

I have lost my voice lately. Not literally, but importantly. I'm working on a new blog post which will be up soon. In the meantime, I read a post by my friend and former math teacher from IndEC South in Mississauga. He was a legendary rule breaker and bender at a critical time in my … Continue reading A voice for my voice

Haiku to a bumble bee I accidentally snuffed.

No nectar to eat Between screen and glass you're trapped Bad day for you, Bee.

An Embarassment of Brushes: “co-parenting” after separation and divorce

The Ultimate Question might be, "How many brushes does a divorced family with three pre-teen girls require?" Seems like a mundane question. I would think it a mundane question, but it has turned out to be much more interesting than I thought. I bet the answer will surprise you. The answer, apparently, is ten (not … Continue reading An Embarassment of Brushes: “co-parenting” after separation and divorce

A little flower…

Daisies are my favourite!


‘Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower’ Hans Christian Andersen

Ox-eye Daisy

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Anger Management Tip #2: Objects thrown are larger and heavier than you thought they were.

A foot massager is something you might buy from a late night infomercial three easy payments of $5.00. Perhaps you've lingered in Walmart on Christmas Eve wondering if your visiting auntie would like it, because you haven't seen her since she was the sort of person who didn't need one. Either way, it's probably the … Continue reading Anger Management Tip #2: Objects thrown are larger and heavier than you thought they were.

Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?

Confess. Cleanse my soul. Bare it for all. Why? Who will love me if they know? Gabriel! Forgive me. I dubbed it Five Hundred Pages of Bitching and Moaning - for decades. Now, readers, mark my age, and help me to see better. Farewell to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The Yeah Write Gargleblaster honours him this … Continue reading Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?

A better plan: anybody? anybody?

I have committed another (hitherto) unthinkable act. Also, I have used the word "hitherto" in a sentence. Sometimes I challenge myself to use a neglected word more often. I had vowed around Christmas time to raise the profile of this perfectly-good-word. This is the first instance. Still, it's relegated to brackets, and quotation marks, but … Continue reading A better plan: anybody? anybody?

Do you see her much?

Every day. Not for real. That is too difficult. She waits now. Maybe she sees him in the birds he loved, or hears the wind. Her ears buzz when she asks him, "are you there?" I can not know, can not ask. ==================== This is Microfiction - 42 words to answer this week's YeahWrite Gargleblaster … Continue reading Do you see her much?